CDAIT Approach to Partnership

Our Approach

IMAGE illustrates the intricacy and length of the IoT value chain, which is composed of many moving parts, at any given point in time and over time


CDAIT, which is technology and market-agnostic, targets the entire continuum of IoT value creation, from sensing/actuating all the way to the information extraction. By effectively and efficiently uniting the parts into a coherent and intelligent whole, CDAIT injects life into IoT.

In short, CDAIT is a technological think tank (a “think-and-do tank”, i.e., action-oriented), i.e., an incubator of bottom line impacting IoT-related ideas.

CDAIT achieves its objectives through six Working Groups, i.e., IoT Education and Training, IoT Startup Ecosystem, IoT Thought Leadership, IoT Security and Privacy, IoT Standards and Management, and IoT Research.